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Scented Candles are the new Socks

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We've all been there. Whether it's Christmas Eve, the night before your Sister's birthday or an hour before dinner on your Anniversary, the dilemma remains the same, 'What gift do I buy them?!'. For decades the answer to that question has been socks. Quintessentially bland, reassuringly familiar. And for decades our feet have been kept warm by a legacy of gifts from friends and family that either don't know us too well, didn't go shopping until the last minute, or have a reason to spite us. But after a long spell on top of the go-to-gift ladder, socks must now step aside. There is a new gift in town. Lets give a warm welcome to the 21st Century default gift, the scented candle. 

In the last few years scented candles have prevailed. They are absolutely everywhere.You can get big ones, small ones, mutli-packs with a whole range of sizes; you can get square ones, circle ones, egg shaped ones; they can be cream, pink, green or gold, and there are more scent's available than you could shake a wick at. What's more, is that they are well priced, nicely presented and widely accepted as a comforting presence in any home. 

It's recent success doesn't just come down to availability on the market, but a vast increase in quality. They no longer have the stale, chemical smell that they used to, and the texture is now smooth where it used to be crumbly. Plus, a development in technology means that they are now produced for a fraction of the price, and those savings are being passed onto the customer. 

Perhaps there is a world where socks and scented candles can coexist. After all, socks are typically a masculine present, where scented candles are inherently feminine. But we now live in a world where gender stereotypes are more blurred than ever, where men regularly moisturise and women open pickle jars. Now there may be an argument that socks aren't a great present for females, they wear them less, have a huge range of type and style (knee-high, frilly, neon, there's even such thing as a welly sock!), and in all honesty, tend to be much pickier when it comes to clothes. However, there is absolutely no argument against scented candles for men. If anything, men belong to the smellier gender. Though scented candles are no substitute for personal hygiene, they can certainly aid the enjoyment of your company. 

And perhaps it is there that scented candles have found their niche. They have jumped into a market that no longer cuts your customer base in half at every opportunity. 

But don't feel guilty the next time you buy a vanilla scented 3 pack for your cousin's house warming; the simple fact of the matter is, if it wasn't a good gift, it wouldn't be the nation's default present. Scented candles are the all-rounder, slap bang middle of the road gift that guarantees the contentment of your giftee.

Farewell socks, you had a good run.

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